Updating the web, together.

Personal homes

Next generation, decentralised private websites, giving us the opportunity to control and benefit from our own assets, exactly like we do in life

Communal places

Created when we link specific assets in our homes, so that we can connect and thrive in co-owned environments, harnessing them to address challenges and opportunities at unprecedented scales

Public infrastructure

Updated web standards enabling an interoperable ecosystem of apps for our personal data - opening the door to a whole new world of insights, innovations, choices and societal benefits

A vibrant, empowering, limitless web

For us, our world and our future. These are the steps we're taking
Due diligence

National and international frameworks for updating the web, by giving decentralised personal and civic spaces to ourselves

Constitutional thinking

A global network of community-owned technology facilitators, helping us to harness our connectedness for good

Open input

To a next-gen ecosystem of apps for our personal data, powering a revolutionary era of personal and societal benefits