Upgrading the web, together.

Personal homes

Known as Personal Online Data Stores (Pods), the inventor of the web has created personal homes for data, to help deliver a new era of digital freedom and independence, for all.

Communal spaces

Created when we link and share access to our Pods, so that we can connect, learn, trade and inspire, while addressing great challenges and opportunities, together.

Open architecture

Giving anyone the opportunity to build next-gen web apps that link and power our Pods - co-creating a whole new world of digital environments, possibilities and shared benefits.

Our empowering, upgraded, limitless web

For us, our world and our future. These are our next steps
Due diligence

National and international frameworks for upgrading the web, by giving autonomous Pods to ourselves.

Constitutional thinking

Template standards for Pod Providers, enshrining community trust, choice and societal benefits.

Open input

To a limitless web of apps for our Pods, delivering digital independence and empowerment to all.