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The Webs Big Build is a global community of people working to help develop and implement a new phase of the web collaboratively.

We are for people who care deeply about humanity and our future, including our need for a sustainable, joyful, limitless online world.

Our current activities are grouped into three program areas:

Standards implementation

Fostering sustainable approaches to national and international implementation of the new Solid web standards, which have been created by the inventor of the web and a global team of specialists, to help put people back in control of our online assets and ecosystems

Next-gen app development

Helping individuals and organisations to scope, test and build next-generation apps that empower owners to enjoy, link and benefit from our digital assets, without harvesting or platform lock-in

Major project facilitation

Bringing people together to collaborate on local, national and global scale digital infrastructure projects that offer game-changing societal benefits for us, our planet and our future