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The Webs Big Build is a global community of people working to help develop and implement the next phase of the World Wide Web (WWW) collaboratively.

We are for people who care deeply about humanity and our future, including our need for a sustainable, joyful, limitless online world.

Our current activities are grouped into three program areas:

Web 3.0 delivery

Fostering sustainable approaches to the national and international roll-out of Personal Online Data Stores (Pods) - a vital building block of the upgraded web, and a new wave of essential digital infrastructure. 

Web 3.0 services

Helping people to scope, test and build next-generation web apps that empower individuals and organisations to enjoy, link and benefit from their Pods.

Web 3.0 possibilities

Facilitating local, national and global-scale collaboration on Web 3.0 use cases and possibilities that offer game-changing societal benefits - for us, our planet and our future.