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We see and are working toward an online world where each of us controls our own assets in our own spaces, exactly like we control our own homes.

With this decentralised civic structure in place, we see a limitless world of services that offer to visualise, expand and link the assets in our homes, instead of centralising our assets for themselves.

Where these services are commercially owned, so is the resulting environment. Where they are collectively owned, we are co-creating communal spaces for different purposes, at different scales.

With a new generation of interoperable applications developed to common standards, we are a building a more sustainable and vibrant online world, where all of us can freely move between a diverse mix of personally, collectively and commercially owned spaces, exactly like we do physically.

From this foundation of civic strength and balance, we see an online world with less worry, domination and harm. We see a world supporting more of the values and principles we love, particularly freedom, democracy, diversity, inclusion, celebration and joy. We see a world where - in our hands, in our pockets, on our devices - we are empowered to come together, seize opportunities and solve great challenges, for good.

We don’t see these as hopeful ideas. We see them as vital outcomes for the future of humanity, and an opportunity that every one of us deserves.

Please click here for a graphical depiction of our Civic Framework.